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Puppy Purchase Info

Medicine Lake Border Collies are from proven quality lineage, genetically health tested via PawPrintGenetics and Optimal Selection are family-raised with a puppy culture of love and varied exposure to life. The only thing I know for sure is that I do not know everything. I am always open to learning, listening and living forward while learning from the past. The following information is nothing fancy or formal,  but is just my sharing of what we have learned and used with our dogs to do what we do everyday here in South Dakota - where it may be 30 below zero one day but raining the next - seriously, and will then be 100 above zero that same summer. Our dogs and their puppies' activities are as varied as the weather here. Hopefully you will find some answers to your questions or maybe even have more questions by the time you are done reading. Either way - thank you for stopping by.
All pups from Medicine Lake BCs will be registered as LIMITED with the ABCA (American Border Collie Association). Pups will also have an AKC application explained below. 

LIMITED ABCA registration means non-breeding - that no (future) pups can be registered from this pup. This will be stated on the pedigree.
FULL ABCA registration means that breeding rights are allowed. Before any breeding is ever considered, research must be done as well as all the responsibilities and reasons for breeding. 
Pups will be registered ABCA and have an application for AKC. I as the breeder must send in the ABCA registration so once you have picked a name for your new pup, please contact me. I will be sending the application to ABCA once I receive ALL names for the entire litter. Some folks want to meet their pup before naming so it could take several weeks to mail the application, receive it back and then get out to new owners. Please inquire if you have questions on this process. AKC (American Kennel Club) registration is available, the form will be included in your pack. This would be your responsibility to mail if you choose to do so.

Puppies may leave for their new homes at eight weeks of age. Our veterinarian is Dr. Hennen of Glacial Lakes Veterinary Clinic in Watertown, SD. All pups will receive age-appropriate worming and first vaccination at six weeks per the direction of our veterinarian for our area. Pups will have received a health exam by our veterinarian prior to leaving for their new homes and receive health certificates if flying. Any health concerns raised by my veterinarian will be discussed with you, and a decision can be made as to the purchase of said-puppy. If the decision is made NOT to take any puppy in question for a veterinarian identified health issue, another pup may be chosen from the current (if available) or future litter. Once pups are with their new owners, any additional evaluations or tests will be done at buyer's expense.
Health records will be included in the puppy pack, and should be shared with your veterinarian for the BEST vaccination plan for your puppy and your area. Please schedule a puppy visit with your veterinarian soon after you get the puppy home to stay on a regular health schedule. Puppy packs will contain health records, and vaccination information on puppies.

 Nutrisource small and medium breed puppy is a good choice and easily available at local ag stores or ordered online. Orijen and FROMM (various kinds) which are for ALL stages of life is supplemented as our food of choice also. 4Health (various life stages) wholesome grains, protein, fats, etc. is a good lower cost choice available through TSC. Farmina is a newer option that our dogs are really enjoying - grain free. We vary diets freely with raw or any of these kibbles. When using grain free, we are always vigilant that TAURINE is an ingredient for heart health - especially with our puppies. Balance and education are key - always!! Our nursing females easily transition their puppies to this kibble as they all get the same kind. Our border collies thrive on this kibble and maintain a sane mind and healthy body. This food has a great balance of fat and protein, and the natural ingredients are stable and top-notch. They LOVE to eat it too. More info can be found online at Petflow or Chewy I will provide a sample for you to use in the transition if you choose to stay with this food or switch to another brand. Please research any changes in diet you may wish to do and do so slowly, perhaps over 5 - 7 days. Puppies especially are very susceptible to tummy upset and to picking up bacteria from odd places where you may travel so always be vigilant of what and where you are feeding your puppy. I have been feeding pups 2-3 times daily and recommend feeding them AT LEAST twice daily until one year old. Always do your research or ask if you aren’t sure what brand or type of food to feed, and read many reviews online to see what the food of choice is actually doing for real dogs. Food with ingredients that you can actually pronounce is a plus for sure.
Border collies love TOYS - at all ages. Many toys and different kinds given at various times will keep your puppy and later dog entertained and thinking. It allows some of that brain energy to burn, and it is fun interaction for you both. An energetic pup will be less attracted to your things if they have their own toys. Always read reviews of toys to be sure they are safe for your pup. Border collies LOVE tugs, thinking toys like the Jolly Eggs, the Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispensing toys, or anything from the Leerburg website. Our pups and dogs always have access to plenty of toys, so they will expect lots from you! Tugs and toys are great incentive for border collie training. We also highly recommend Kalis Kreations for quality custom collars for your new and existing pack members.
A puppy pack will be provided with your new pup. Copy of parents’ pedigrees and genetic certificates, puppy health record, AKC registration information if applicable, a sample of kibble and a toy will be included in this pack. For puppies traveling via plane or ground transport, puppy packs will be included with kennel or transporter.
Puppies are born in our home and then moved to our barn at an appropriate age.  They are weaned at approximately four to five weeks of age after starting on solid food with mom. Puppies are touched, held, snuggled, loved starting at birth and daily thereafter. Puppies are well-socialized and exposed to many daily activities of our life here in the country. They encounter sights and sounds of many voices, various ages of people, lights, darkness, music, tractor motors, ATVs, horses, cattle, cats, other dogs, fresh air, bales, bedding, carpet, sand, dirt, grass, cement, stairs, rides in vehicles, and many, many different toys. We of course are aware of and use ENS (early neurological stimulation) with the puppies or Jane Killion’s puppy culture, as it has come to be known, and we incorporate what is best for our pups at their age and stage. They are raised with littermates and lots of activity in large areas so they learn to be respectful while staying playful.
Potty Training starts early in encouraging puppies to potty away from their “nest” area so as they grow older it is natural to potty in the designated area. However, our puppies will NOT be crate trained or house trained by the time they go to new homes. Once home, you can fine tune those habits.
Behavioral Training has numerous resources available online to read, watch or buy and most likely in your own areas for help in person. Please reach out to me also if you need help.
A couple training methods that we have found valuable over the years are Roy Cox- great basics with focus on stock dog training, Susan Garrett - basics with focus on creating an excellent canine citizen and agility/sporting and Leerburg - basics with focus on making an excellent canine citizen and guard dog training.  Please visit any of those sites, and use the methods or advice that works for your situation.  The things that I would most recommend starting with your puppy as you will see in all of these resources is to work on RECALL (coming to you when called), STAY (in kennel or area designated), HEEL (stay with you when walking) and DOWN (if you intend to do any stock work) or SIT.
We LOVE and request updates on our puppies as they grow. Please keep in touch with us regarding your pup. We love updates, pictures, etc. of what they are doing, what their personalities are like, and what they look like. We have started a Medicine Lake BC Facebook page that is ONLY for current owners to share all the information and updates on puppies.  It is also a safe place to ask questions and get advice from each other as well. I add our new buyers right away. It is a fun place to share your pup's new life. If you ever have questions/problems concerning your pup, ALWAYS contact me. I am here to help in any way I can.
Please read all the items here and ask questions on anything needed. If you decide to make a deposit, you are making a commitment that you have read and are aware of all the info here as well.
If you feel that a Medicine Lake BC pup would be the right fit for you, and you ready to place a deposit, please submit $500 USD non-refundable via our PayPal link (friends/family or add 3% for business), Venmo or via a personal check. Personal checks are only accepted if adequate time if available to clear. Full payment of pup is required before eight weeks of age. If a suitable pup is not found in this litter, your deposit will be transferred to our next litter. PLEASE NOTE THAT DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! Pups CAN NOT be held without a deposit ($500) placed for them. All deposits can be transferred to any upcoming litter, but are NOT refundable!
All pups are the same price in USD regardless of gender, color or litter. All pups will be registered on a non-breeding status unless otherwise discussed and approved. You may purchase more than one pup at a time, but there are NO multiple-pup discounts.

We do reserve the right to refuse a pup to anyone.


Before a mating occurs and until whelping, deposits are taken for puppy picks.  The buyer/family communicates lifestyle, needs, wishes for a good fit. By the time the puppy is ready to go home, we have established a solid connection with our new puppy family. 

A litter is confirmed via ultrasound approx. halfway through gestation. After whelping when pups and mom are all settled, those with deposits will be notified and litter announcement posted in our private MLBC FB group with announcement to public at a later time. 

At five to six weeks, after health checks "deposits" will begin picks according to order of deposits received. Our job as breeder is to recommend and match the right fit of pup to the right home. There is usually not much variance in personalities especially at such a young age; however, we work closely with each person to be sure he/she gets a pup of a lifetime. Educated, best homes are our purpose for each pup as we are the only voice that they have. 


All transport costs are at buyer's expense... choose from the following options...

  • **Our preferred option for puppy . . .Pick up your puppy in person by flying into one of these airports here in Watertown, SD (ATY) or Sioux Falls, SD (FSD)

  • Flight Nanny, in-cabin airline travel, out of Sioux Falls FSD or Watertown ATY airports - all expense arranged and paid for by buyer

  • In-person, by vehicle, ground transport rates vary by location, please contact us for a quote. We highly recommend Jamie Sanders of JM Transport.

The parents of these pups OFAs (hips, shoulders, elbows) on file and have been full genetic health tested with three companies to assure accuracy - Paw Print Genetics, Optimal Selection and Orivet. Even with testing, hip dysplasia and other issues can occur. There are many genes that control hip dysplasia disease for instance, and it is not fully preventable or predictable. As a breeder, I do everything possible to prevent it. There are also things you, as the puppy owner, can do to prevent your pup from being at risk of HD and promote a healthy life. 
We have chosen our puppies (now adults) from ancestors who themselves have proven to be healthy in mind and body even into older age. Teachable (biddable), kind disposition is a top priority as the foundation of our adult borders. We have many references from our puppy families as to the success, good-nature and trainability of our puppies. We whelp and raise our pups in a fit environment to promote healthy bodies and minds as much as possible. Whelping and environment are as or some research shows more important as genetics in joint health as well. We work hard for our dogs and puppies.
Please continue to care for your puppy healthfully.  We do not encourage any jumping or heavy activity while the puppy is growing - until a year of age at minimum. Use common sense in playing and working with your puppy as he/she wants to enjoy a long healthy life with you. Stay educated as much as possible. There are many spay or neuter options available although I recommend reading some of my blog articles or doing your own research as to when the right time for that would be for your dog. Research does NOT recommend spay or neuter at an early age. It may be best to wait as long as possible for the health of your puppy, and preferably until well after 24 months of age. However, work with your trusted vet and do your research for what is best for your dog.

Please contact me if any health issues arise with your pup/dog in his/her lifetime.  It is important to me as a breeder that I know the continued health and disposition of our puppies. Please note that if a health issue were to arise, deposits and purchase monies will not be returned although a suitable replacement pup MAY be offered pending the circumstance. It is something that we will discuss if this were ever to occur. Our goal is healthy pups for a lifetime in the best homes possible. Communication is key to any successful breeding program. Please contact me for any concerns

Our puppy connections are one of the most important aspects of our program.  Please stay in touch and ask any questions that arise. We are here for our puppies and their new families.
If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from Medicine Lake Border Collies, please use the 

link on our website. We would love to help you find the right fit for your first or next border collie puppy. We may live in the middle of nowhere, but our puppies have surely give us some wonderful worldly connections which we greatly appreciate. Thank you for your interest and visiting our site.

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